ODIN (On-Demand Interview Network)

What is ODIN?

ODIN is a top tier, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing application built right into SARA. With ODIN you can schedule a remote video conference with your clients if they have a mobile phone or computer with internet access and a camera.

There is no need for your clients to download an app. It all works seamlessly with all web modern browsers.

Particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, human service agencies are using video apps such as Zoom or Google Meet to engage clients “face-to-face.” While these are great applications for business or personal use, they have several serious shortcomings regarding their use with caseworkers and clients.

ODIN Advantages:

  • High quality, stable platform. ODIN uses the same platform as Doctor On Demand®.
  • Fully HIPAA-Compliant. You can discuss sensitive health information without privacy concerns.
  • Fully integrated with the SARA scheduler. No need to schedule video conferences separately.
  • Includes chat and case notes which are automatically uploaded to your CMS.
  • Automatic annotation of who, date, time, and who participated, which is uploaded to your CMS case note.
  • One thousand hours of video conferencing included free of charge. 


Video conferencing is a technical innovation that reduces communication problems, closes the gap between the case manager and client, and helps human service agencies move more clients to successful closure.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider using ODIN:

Consider everything it takes to have a face-to-face meeting. Both parties must meet in the same location. How many times have you had an appointment canceled because one of you could not make it? With ODIN, participants can engage from anywhere (as long as an internet connection is available), so there is much less chance of cancellations and no-shows.

ODIN eliminates the expense and time required for travel. You can have face-to-face meetings with several people in a day which would be difficult if you must travel to all the locations. For some clients, not having to worry about travel costs and time can be a very significant benefit.

When there is a need for “social distancing” as is the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing offers an ideal alternative to in-person meetings. In addition, if you are doing home visits, ODIN can be a lot safer. Certain clients may also prefer to interact without having to leave their home, and it is certainly more convenient than having to meet the old-fashioned way.

Video conferencing can help to improve communication and re-establish relationships. During a video conference, you get to see the body language and facial expressions of the participants.

ODIN allows you to conduct meetings with multiple people at the same time. You can talk and chat with people from different parts of the country from your office or home. You can meet with your client and his/her job developer to discuss placement strategy, or since ODIN is HIPPA compliant, you can schedule a meeting with the client and a physician at the same time.

on video call lo

What does ODIN require?

For case managers, all that is required is a USB camera (available for approx. $20), and a modern web browser (Internet Explorer is the only browser that does not support browser-based video conferencing and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge).

For the client or any third party, they’ll need a smartphone or a computer with internet access and a connected camera.

A special offer during the challenges of COVID-19

The Career Index Corporation is waiving setup fees for ODIN as long as the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat. Plus, the first 1,000 hours of video conferencing are free to your agency. After that, ODIN can be purchased in 2,500-hour blocks at a low cost per hour.

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What if the client doesn’t have home internet?

If the client has a smartphone, they can use any private or public WIFI (e.g. Starbucks, the public library, etc.) to access the internet. If the client does not have a smartphone, a publicly available computer will do (e.g. at the public library, workforce center, etc.) as long as it has a connected camera.

How do I start using ODIN?

ODIN is currently going through beta-testing with the State of Nevada. Testing is anticipated to be complete by October 2020 at which time ODIN will be made available to all SARA customers.

To activate:

  • Opt-in on the agency level so we can turn ODIN on for you.
  • We will provide staff with instructions on how to use it.
  • Start video conferencing using ODIN!

Technical Information

ODIN is an embedded part of the SARA SaaS application, so there is nothing you have to do on the agency side other than ensuring that every case manager who will be using it has access to a computer with a camera.

ODIN is a fully encrypted peer-to-peer WebRTC application and is HIPPA compliant. In fact, ODIN uses the same network and provider that “Doctor on Demand” uses.