The Career Index Corporation (TCI)

If you can’t make a difference, why are you here?

“My aim was always to make a difference where it matters. When I conceived the idea of SARA, I had an inkling it could significantly change the efficiencies and outcomes for Voc. Rehab and its clients. I never dreamed its impact would reach as far and wide as it has. SARA is now making a big difference in a growing field of human services organizations and I feel humbled when I see the impact it is having in helping people in need.”—KD Nygeaard

“This is the best software company I have ever worked with. The Career Index Corporation is fantastic. So much more responsive.”

—Shelley Hendren
Administrator, DETR Rehabilitation Division

SARA was developed in 2011 based upon the idea that advances in technology and the proliferation of cell phones would make it possible to create an intelligent two-way communication system that would alleviate the huge bottleneck of data entry and documentation. After four years of intensive development and field tests, SARA was officially released in May of 2015.

Three months later, TCI partnered with San Diego State University, George Washington University, University of Arkansas, Syracuse University, the Council of State Vocational Rehabilitation Administrators, and others to form WINTAC (Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center – Funded by the Rehabilitation Services Agency (RSA), the mission has been to pilot solutions to the WIOA requirements for common reporting and data integration. Eleven states applied for SARA pilot status, with Kentucky, Nevada, and Alaska as the finalists. All three states are still using SARA today. 

At the start of WINTAC in 2015, SARA had 28 users and a few hundred clients under management. As the WINTAC project comes to a close in 2020, SARA has almost 5,000 users and 300,000+ clients managed.

Now SARA is also the keystone for the Veterans Administration modernization effort, spanning 12 time zones and working to help injured veterans return to civilian life. But that is just the beginning. Work is underway in the areas of homeless prevention, ex-felon reintegration, opioid addiction, disaster recovery management,  social security, medicare, community engagement, and more. Stay tuned!