Brian Dolan Director of Client Engagement and Business Development

Brian is an experienced technology consultant with his head in the Cloud.

Brian has been in the technology industry since 2004. Since 2010 he has focused primarily as an industry partner and advisor, providing connectivity solutions including many different cloud-based technologies such as SaaS models, which makes him a fantastic client partner for SARA customers.


Brian's background in form automation, field service, video conference platforms, and VOIP solutions are geared to optimize business continuity, provide more efficient operations, enhance productivity, streamline processes, and provide a strong return on investment for SARA customers. 

He takes a strategic, consultative approach and is a trusted partner and advisor, listening to client needs, identifying gaps in their organizations, and providing solutions using emerging technology. Brian analyzes customer needs to align with industry trends and standards, specializing in enterprise account management for all businesses, including support for federal and state agencies.

“My core values as a consultative advisor fit perfectly with TCI's mission to help make a difference in communities and humanity as a whole.”