Cody Dixon Operations Director

Cody is the wheel that makes everything turn at TCI.

Cody is responsible for managing daily operations, customer service, and training. He is in charge of project implementation within the SARA branch of TCI. He trains SARA according to the needs of each customer.


“Not everyone gets the chance to embrace something bigger than they could imagine, but if you don’t take that leap, you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime.”

With SARA, Cody saw that opportunity and his role to potentially change the impact of human service organizations across the country. When he was given a chance to join SARA’s executive team during the start-up phase, he didn’t hesitate to take the risk of a yet uncertain future.

cody new

“I saw what KD was trying to accomplish with SARA‘s potential to help a community and humanity at large. I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to embark on a career that could truly make a difference. As I look back, I know I did the right thing.”