Erik Kelly Director of Technology

Erik is the genius who makes SARA do her magic.

Erik started with The Career Index Corporation in 2015 with the assignment of making SARA faster and more scalable. Having completed the assignment, he became Director of Technology and responsible for systems architecture and functionality. He has been the lead in the development and launch of version 3 of SARA. Version 3 was not a small upgrade from Version 2; rather it represented a complete re-design from the ground up, including a new framework, new language, lots of new functionality, and a new logic engine. Version 3 was launched simultaneously to 2,000 users, managing 100,000 clients in 35 agencies and experienced virtually no hiccups or interruptions – a testament to Erik and his 'team's skills and tenacity.

Erik graduated in 2000 from Carroll University in Wisconsin with a degree in computer science and an emphasis in Web-Specialty and Analytical Processing.

Since then, Erik held senior-level positions with several top development companies in the airline, medical, real estate, food service, and technology industries, including Director of Technology for The Agency Collective and Vice President of Technology Service at the U.S. Condo Exchange.

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He also developed all company websites and internal applications spanning three consumer-facing websites, four internal intranet sites, multiple Windows-based apps covering high volume order management, credit card processing, data systems maintenance, and phone-to-web interfacing.

“SARA is certainly the most advanced and technically gratifying project I have ever worked on.”