SARA Solves COVID-19 Workflow Challenges

May 31, 2020

We are now months into COVID-19 social distancing and shutdowns. State governments are dealing with unprecedented unemployment payouts and reduced tax revenue due to business slowdowns and closures. While consumer spending and business activity have the brakes on, the need for employment assistance, career training, behavioral health counseling, and public assistance is skyrocketing.

How can human service agencies continue to expand service levels to meet this need while budgets are cut and staff is furloughed? How can counselors and caseworkers continue to serve clients while in-person meetings, group gatherings, and travel are curtailed?

Does that seem like an impossible situation? It does, but The Career Index Corporation has the answer: a revolutionary software product named SARA.

SARA is an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) that quickly implements with a human service agency’s Client Management System (CMS). SARA allows staff to reduce time spent on administration tasks (scheduling, back-and-forth communication with clients, documenting actions and program status, and meeting compliance requirements) by up to 80%. They can use the additional time to serve more clients and better attend to their caseload.

SARA was developed for social services, vocational rehabilitation, employment and career training, adult education, welfare and supportive services, homeless services, addiction rehabilitation services, community engagement for federal, state, and municipal agencies. She has been implemented by dozens of human service agencies in states around the country. SARA’s success is proven, and her ROI is measurable. Using SARA, one agency reduced its staff administration time by 11,000+ hours a month, equaling 65 full-time employees, saving over $4 million annually in staffing costs. Imagine that savings as agency budgets are cut due to COVID-19 revenue reductions.

With in-person meetings limited to reduce COVID-19 exposure, SARA enables counselors and caseworkers to communicate remotely, gaining the same results in less time. In one real-life example, a task between a client and their counselor that typically takes several days of back-and-forth calls, voicemails, and document requests, was completed in just 40 minutes, with most of the work being done automatically by SARA.

As one customer recently stated, “We didn’t appreciate SARA as much until COVID-19. It REALLY helps us since we can’t easily meet with clients.” Another customer shared, “We are tech-heavy right now with COVID. DocuSign and GoToMeeting are expensive, which puts SARA’s price in perspective.”

No one knows for certain when things will get back to normal, or if the reduced ability to meet in-person, on-going budget cuts and expanding caseloads are “the new normal”. Fortunately, with SARA, agencies and staff can continue to fulfill their mission to help those in need despite COVID-19 restrictions.

This website shares a lot of information about SARA, but nothing is as surprising (or convincing) as seeing a live demo of SARA in action. As one of our recent customers shared, “As soon as I saw their demo, it was really magic. As soon as I saw the product, my background in IT and electronic health records helped me see the potential (of SARA).”

To see how SARA can lead your agency through COVID-19, call us 1.888.558.1658 to request a demo through the button below.

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